Bubbling Cauldron Cupcakes


Bubbling Cauldron Cupcakes
Serves 8
A beautiful bubbling cauldron cupcake will look amazing at your little witches party. These are really clever and I love the candy floss idea.
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  1. 1 box cake mix made into cupcakes (any flavor you want, I use chocolate)
  2. chocolate frosted doughnuts - medium sized
  3. chocolate icing
  4. green icing
  5. red sugar
  6. black licorice strings.
  7. Pretzel rods
  8. candy floss or cotton candy
  1. Halve a plain medium-sized cake doughnut horizontally, then press one half, cut-side down, onto a chocolate-frosted cupcake.
  2. Cover the doughnut with chocolate frosting, then pipe green frosting into the doughnut hole.
  3. Roll the bottom edge of the frosting in red sugar crystals.
  4. Cut a small piece of black licorice string and insert the ends into the doughnut so it stands up like a handle.
  5. Add a pretzel rod stirrer and a piece of cotton candy for smoke.
  1. Try adding gummy worms, candy eyes, red hots or other creepy looking candy into the cauldron to a great potion effect.
Adapted from From a recipe on the Food Network
Adapted from From a recipe on the Food Network
The Halloween Cookbook http://thehalloweencookbook.com/

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